Discover Your Authentic Nourishment

Are you excited about your life?  Do you have the vibrance and health that you desire?  Do you wake up feeling energized and fulfilled?  What if I told you that this is all possible for you and that there is a roadmap to creating the health and life you desire?

Our society is sicker and more stressed than we’ve ever been before.  We’re over-scheduled and under-nourished and starving for connection. We look to rigid diets and programs to try to reverse our poor quality decisions… but our answers cannot be found in the next set of external rules that cannot be sustained.

What if our unwanted symptoms and behaviors are actually trying to tell us something about the way we are living our lives? What if our healing lies in doing the inner (and outer) work to understand what works for us?

When we learn the unique things that work for us as individuals we build trust and confidence in knowing how to care for ourselves well.  When we can authentically nourish ourselves in this way, we get back in touch with the things in our lives that truly support and feed us.  These new conscious and purposeful decisions create a new pattern that supports our vibrance, joy and best health!  I want to support you in your journey back to the most vibrant version of YOU!

Individual work and personalized coaching promotes change at the deepest level.  The work will be deep and rewarding and I will be your guide every step of the way.  Profound change is possible when we partner to create the very best version of you.


Each curated course is packed with content and exercises all designed to cultivate real and lasting change.  With growth comes a little discomfort, but you can work through the material at your pace, from the comfort of your couch or local coffee shop.  You’ll receive instant access plus emails from Margaret to keep you inspired and on track.

authentic: (adj.) real; genuine; of undisputed origin; true to one’s own personality, spirit or character

nourishment: (noun) the substances necessary for growth, health and good condition; support; goodness; something providing energy; food

our lives are made up of choices.

…the schools we attend, the professions we hold, the relationships we choose, the food we eat, our spiritual philosophy… Each of these is an area where we can choose and therefore define the kind of life we want to have.

What an amazing gift to be able to design our own existence! When we make choices that are in alignment with our true desires, we can create a vibrant, healthy, joyful life – a life of ease. Sometimes, though, choices are made for us, or we choose from a place of necessity, or we choose unconsciously. When we choose from any other place than a place of our own authentic truth, we are unknowingly creating a life that does not support our own best health and well-being.

These choices can lead to a feeling of disconnection and emptiness, as if we are under immense pressure – living someone else’s choices, not our own. When we go against the grain of who we are and what is truly right for each of us as individuals, we are creating an environment of “dis-ease” in our lives. This “dis-ease” can begin to show up in our bodies as symptom… our body’s brilliant way of trying to draw our attention back to our greater truth.

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