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Why Your Mindset Matters When It Comes To Weight Loss

I propose that you are here because you want to be the best version of yourself you can be.  And that you yearn to feel confident in your body and have a reliable set of habits that serve you so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time obsessing about food, calories, the weight of your body and how you look compared to the woman next to you in the grocery store.

You’re sick and tired of following plans and programs and you wish there was a way that you could use food to nourish your body lovingly and respectfully.  You never anticipated that you would be in this place – having to spend so much time navigating the ups and downs of body confidence and what the effff to put in your mouth.

You didn’t know that it was all going to be so freaking hard to be a woman with a body – and that days would be spent hiding from the world because you don’t feel quite good enough in this current version of you – to ‘put yourself out there’ and share yourself with the world.

Am I right?

So, now reality sets in.

There’s only one of you.  And you have gifts and talents that the world needs, uniquely from YOU.

So, if you’re hiding in your house… we’re all missing what you’ve got to offer.  (P.S. – I know this because I’ve been her.)

For you to live the life you desire – we’ve got to get you feeling good and proud and confident and smokin’ hot and we’ve got to build your trust that you CAN create a healthy relationship with food and your body so you can start to focus on the rest of your life and be IN your life.

I know you want this… but it’s scary to put yourself out there and step outside of your comfort zone and say you need help… because ALLLLL of the feelings and fears pop up.

Inadequacy, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, embarrassment, low confidence, uncertainty, feeling like a fraud, insecurities…

So you scroll this blog post and it touches a part of you that hits home… but you don’t take action and go on to the next thing…  saying to yourself… “I doubt this method could work for me.  I’m too far gone and it’s probably too much work.”

Am I right?

MORE TRUTH: I have done the exact thing that you are scared to do.

I am my own first client so I KNOW this is possible.

I am successful because I have chosen to commit to my health and wellbeing and use my fear and discomfort as a means to get better.

I do not view the discomfort as a warning sign to stop… or turn the other cheek… and every time I don’t address a ‘discomfort’ or a fear and every time I ignore it, guess what happens?

NOTHING. Nothing happens.

There is no growth, there is no improvement, there is no expansion of confidence and no movement toward the best version of me.

Everything stays the same.

Or gets worse because the discomfort stays but the consequences become more painful.

And then the cycle of “I knew this wouldn’t work” continues.

It doesn’t matter what your current circumstance is.

Addressing the parts of yourself that bring discomfort is the secret to more happiness, growth and expansion.

But how?

How do you use the discomfort as a means for growth vs a warning to stop and retreat?

Acknowledge: I am feeling stuck.  I am not where I want to be.  I am feeling inadequate. I am feeling uncertain.

Allow the feelings to be real with you as you move throughout your day. You don’t need to ignore them. They won’t hurt you. They are there as a source of information.

They are there to help you identify an area that is out of alignment with who you desire to be (and who you truly are).

Get Curious: Why am I feeling this way? What do I need to pay attention to?

This is where the information starts to come through…

“Because I don’t know what I’m doing”

“Because I’m scared nothing will work for me.” 

“Because I’m operating from fear instead of courage.”

“Because I don’t know how to move forward or where I fit in.”

After you get curious and get some answers, you will bump up against a fork in the road that shows you two very different paths…

Path # 1: You’ll feel a sense of relief and inspiration to process through the discomfort because you know that doing so is the only way forward.  Something will resonate with you and you’ll get a certainty that it’s safe to move forward.

Path # 2: You’ll feel defensive and retreat further back into fear because doing the work is too hard, scary and threatening to your current self.

Guess what path the successful people choose?

No growth occurs inside of your comfort zone. Because in most cases, at the beginning, growth—- physical, emotional, spiritual, IS NOT comfortable.

The ironic thing about all of this is… you want so badly to feel certain, capable and confident. You’re waiting to feel those things before you start but that is NOT possible.

Because certainty, capability and confidence are byproducts/outcomes of doing the uncomfortable work until it is no longer uncomfortable. Then you feel certain, capable and confident.

Make sense?

So if your goal is to become healthier, happier, more confident, to lose weight, to feel sexier, to understand more about how to nourish yourself well or to heal your relationship with food or your body—–

Then you need to be able to take action while feeling uncomfortable instead of stopping and waiting until you feel comfortable.

It makes sense that you have doubt.  But your doubt is an indication that you have tried this before many times and those attempts were not the answer so you’re doubtful that anything will be.  But it’s not your attempts that were wrong – it was the method you used.  To me, your doubt is also an indication of how badly you want this, but how fearful and skeptical you are that nothing will work for you.

I want to share Lauren’s story with you, because I want you to hear from a real client that had real struggles… that a different path forward is possible.

When Lauren first came to me, she had gained 30 pounds and didn’t know what to do.

She had tried different programs, fads/trends, and even a few medical specialists… but none of it worked.

So when Lauren and I first connected, she was understandably skeptical.

When you’ve already invested so much into “solutions” that haven’t given you the results you’re looking for, it’s easy to feel like nothing will ever work.

But Lauren was willing to try again. She was willing to commit to our work together…. and was astonished when shelost 35 pounds in 3 months!

“By meeting with Margaret, I have learned how to take care of myself and show myself love through my food choices. I have changed my relationship with food and stopped the cycle of emotional eating – I no longer turn to chocolate or cookies or ice cream at the end of the day for a “special treat”.

I make healthy choices all day long and have adopted a lifestyle of eating WELL and feeling AWESOME. I am not on a “diet” and do not feel deprived in any way; in fact, I feel just the opposite – I feel joyful and fulfilled.

In three months, I’ve lost 35 pounds. The jeans I wore before my now TWO year old son was born are too big! I finally feel like the effervescent woman (wife, mom, friend) I’ve always wanted to be. And I plan to lose a bit more too!”

– Lauren B.

Now let me tell you exactly how she did it… because this is NOT a story of the same-old, same-old, tired, traditional “solutions” — you know: ones based on self-loathing, negativity, lack, and restriction.

This is a story of a woman who learned to love herself enough to approach her choices from a different energy… an energy of love, abundance, care, nourishment and wellbeing.

We started by exploring Lauren’s ideal outcome and then created a plan to get her there.  Lauren started to become really aware of her food choices.  She gained clarity on the emotions that were driving her unwanted food choices and started to learn more nourishing habits and effective strategies.  For example, nighttime eating was a particular struggle, so we worked on her eating rhythm for the day to make sure she was properly nourished but we also added mindfulness strategies so she felt like she had something she could actually put into action when those repeated cravings would come up.

Bottom line: we did the MINDSET work that is necessary for creating and sustaining long-term weight loss.

As special as Lauren’s journey has been… she’s not unique. In fact, her story can be your story! I know these kinds of results are possible for anyone who commits to DO.THE.WORK.

My FREE 5-Day Mindset Reset is for you if you have weight loss goals but you aren’t willing to succumb to the sleazy and harmful diet tactics that are so widespread in our society.

It IS possible to have a weight loss goal and work toward it in a way that honors your desire to have a healthy relationship with your body and with food.  And I’m going to share it with you in this reset.

So if you are interested in the 3 major mindset shifts that you can implement right now to start to shift into a weight loss mindset that honors you – make sure you register below.

Join me for 5 days as we create both the inner and outer habits to cultivate a new mindset with food and weight loss.  No more short term temporary quick fixes: we’re leaning into proven psychology to create the long term, sustainable results we want to see.

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Ditch the crash diets and hard core restrictive challenges so you can create long lasting habits fueled by more self awareness and intention…with ease!




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