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Happy Clients

what my clients have to say

“I have worked with other nutritionists, but Margaret Schwenke takes a different, comprehensive approach. We examined my relationship with food and body image and got to the root of my internal struggles. She helped guide me in a way so I could resolve these issues and move on to a physically and  emotionally healthier life. I wish I had met Margaret years earlier; it would have saved a lot of angst!”


“I don’t know that there is a more aptly named practice than Margaret Schwenke’s Authentic Nourishment™. She herself is authentic and real, and time with her defines the very word nourishment. Even more, her goal is so apparent with each and every visit: to help her clients reconnect with their authentic selves and nourish those truest parts to find freedom and joy.  Over the course of the past 5 months, Margaret has given me tools to better pay attention to the choices I make and to the values I hold true. Far more than a nutritional coach who has helped me look at my emotional eating and withholding, Margaret has been there to listen and pose challenging questions that have held up a mirror, helping me gain awareness and better listen to my true self.  She is empathetic, patient, and understanding, but she is also honest and cares enough to raise the tough questions.  I feel incredibly blessed to have somehow crossed paths with Margaret and shared this journey. Not only is she a highly skilled counselor, but for me, she has become a trusted confidant and a loving friend. I recommend her with all my heart; time with her is a gift that will continue to give.”


“Margaret, I can’t explain enough to you how much you’ve helped me in the past three months. You were honestly my last hope. I came to you because I heard a radio segment and thought that I had nothing left to lose. I didn’t expect it to do anything for me, but I knew if I didn’t try I would always wonder. After almost literally a life time of diets and a cycle of dieting-failing-self deprecation- repeat, I finally have freedom. You have given me my freedom back.  Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You’ve changed me for the better… and I get to start this new year with a completely different attitude; one that makes me happier and makes others around me happier.” 


“Margaret has truly changed my life. (And my jeans size!) Now she would say, “I helped YOU do it” but the truth is, I could not have done it without her. If you’re tired of trendy diets, 21 day resets, whole 30s, look no further than Authentic Nourishment™ for the nutritional counseling and eating psychology support you need to live your best life. By meeting with Margaret, I have learned how to take care of myself and show myself love through my food choices. I have changed my relationship with food and stopped the cycle of emotional eating – I no longer turn to chocolate or cookies or ice cream at the end of the day for a “special treat”. I make healthy choices all day long and have adopted a lifestyle of eating WELL and feeling AWESOME. I am not on a “diet” and do not feel deprived in anyway; in fact, I feel just the opposite – I feel joyful and fulfilled. In three months, I’ve lost 35 pounds. The jeans I wore before my now TWO year old son was born are too big! I finally feel like the effervescent woman (wife, mom, friend) I’ve always wanted to be. And I plan to lose a bit more too! Still, seeing Margaret is about more than losing weight, it’s about learning what it means to really take care of yourself. It’s about finding balance EVERYDAY in our busy lives where our needs easily move to the back burner. It’s about finding your mojo, getting your groove back, learning how to appreciate your beauty and GLOW! I can’t say enough good things about Margaret and her practice, Authentic Nourishment™. I’m extraordinarily grateful that when I reached out to Margaret with my worries and wishes, she promptly replied, “I can help you.” She has helped me in so many ways and I hope you trust this reviewer when I tell you, she can help you too.​”


“I feel good about the work I’ve done… my relationship with food has changed.  I am happier… I have more energy and I don’t have this perfection hanging over me.  I’m comfortable making the choices I make because I know they are the right choices for me and my family.  I have an overall sense of calm.  I feel I’ve learned a lot about myself during this process.  I’ve gained confidence and self-awareness.”


“My experience with Margaret has been awesome — I recommend her highly.  Before I found Margaret, I had worked with two other nutritionists — neither were able to help me reach my goals. I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years and was already eating clean and in good shape before I met Margaret. My goals for working with her were to further decrease body fat and add variety to the boring combination of foods I was eating every day.  She provided me with a plan customized to my tastes, my goals and my lifestyle rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. I was pleasantly surprised to begin seeing results just a few days after getting started with her suggestions!  Margaret is accessible and realistic and I recommend her unequivocally.”


“Margaret literally saved me. There’s no other way of putting it. I came to her desperate, with a slew of emotional, mental, disordered eating, and stress-related struggles that led to me spending over $600 a month on groceries just for myself, just to try to keep up with my body’s demands. The moment I began to implement her plan for me, I began to see a transformation. She not only offered food-related guidance, but also helped me break through the noise in my head and begin to TRULY heal my emotional and mental wounds and struggles. Not just put band aids on. I had never learned stress management before – like ever. I just come from a high stress family so it’s really weird to me to not feel stressed – but she’s guided me through severe burnout. Helped me find a place of REST and given me tools to begin to take those steps into new territory. After just one month of having the privilege of seeing her, I just can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel. And my grocery bill is now under $300 and I’ve never had a better relationship with food or myself in my entire life! She just GETS me, she meets me where I’m at, and that’s saying a lot, because I’m complicated. 🙂 I really look forward to being able to see her more going forward. It’s the best feeling ever to find a professional who just gets it. Hire her, and your life will be changed forever :-)”


“I don’t think I could put into words what Margaret has done for me.  She provided me the tools to change my perspective and gain a deeper sense of respect and love for my body.  She helped me realize that I am great, just the way I am, and that gaining or losing 5 pounds, is not what is important in life. Her devotion to her clients and her passion for what she stands for is unmatched. If I could give 100 stars – I would!!Æ


“I met with Margaret not knowing really what I wanted. She was able to pinpoint how I felt and create an honest change in my eating habits. The results I saw in just 1 month were crazy. I was more mindful of the foods I ate and I knew how to support my body when cravings came up. It wasn’t about a diet fad it was about what was right for me. She took the time to find that.”


“I’ll admit, I was unsure when I first met with Margaret. I was anticipating judgement and scolding, like an episode of the terrible show “The Biggest Loser.” Fortunately Margaret is not like that at all. She practices patience and compassion, and aims for a restorative relationship with food. Whatever your goals may be, she is there to support you.”


“Margaret has given me the tools I need in order to create a loving, nurturing environment for myself. She has helped me, and continues to help me undo a lifetime’s worth of bad decision making. Her mind and body approach is truly unique and effective.”


“I love working with Margaret! She’s insightful, kind, an excellent listener, and very accommodating with scheduling. Working with her always feels like I’m talking with a close friend who is helping me grow into a more mindful version of myself.”

Daniella C.

“I cannot say enough good things about Margaret.  I have tried seeing therapists in the past and have had zero luck. Usually, I have found myself unable to open up to the particular person, and I also feel like the person doesn’t necessarily understand where I’m coming from or why I feel a particular way. Upon my first meeting with Margaret, I felt an immediate connection, and throughout our sessions, I have been able to divulge more to her than I have to anyone else.  During our appointments, I honestly feel like I’m sitting down and chatting with a friend rather than someone I’m paying to provide a service. Not only is she understanding, but she also allows you to move at your own pace in the healing process and doesn’t push you beyond your comfort limits, as I have experienced with therapists in the past.  Margaret has a resilient attitude toward life that is infectious, and you can’t help but leave her appointments and be in a good mood! I have been seeing Margaret for more than a year now, have recommended her to my close friends, and I will continue to do so.”

Katie G.

“There came a point in my life where I realized I needed to make a change. I didn’t even know where to begin, but I decided to start with myself. Margaret has given me the support I need to make healthy lifestyle changes for my mind and my body. She is also teaching me tools and techniques that I will be able to carry with me for the rest of my life. After years of poor decision making, finding Margaret has been a huge turning point in my life. When I leave a session with Margaret, I leave feeling so optimistic, and her unlimited email support throughout the week in between our sessions really helps me on days where I need a little extra support. If you need to make a change in your life to better your body and mind then I highly recommend making an appointment with Margaret.”

Madison H.

“I first met Margaret when I was in a bad place emotionally. I learned so much about myself and my reactions to life events during my sessions with her. Margaret’s gentle spirit was inspirational, and her probing questions were not only insightful but what I needed to hear and reflect on.”

Ally R. 

“Margaret understands the human being holistically: body, mind, and spirit and shows her knowledge in non-threatening and supportive ways. You will love and trust her as much as I have grown to do over the last couple of years!”

Kathy B. 

“Margaret’s commitment to her clients is exceptional.  If you’re willing to do the work she will take you further than you ever imagined. She has provided me with invaluable insight into my physical and mental health. The understanding of how nutritious food can heal my body, enhance my athletic and mental performance, allow me to recover faster, be stronger, and get into terrific shape has changed my life. Margaret gave me tools for healing my body and improving mental health and then took it a step further allowing me to accelerate my performance and growth in all aspects of life.”

Forrest P. 

“I have had an absolutely phenomenal experience with Margaret so far!  In the span that she has worked with me, I have noticed so many positive changes in both my mental and physical states.  I came to Margaret feeling “stuck” about my food choices and feeling like I was not making progress where progress was due.  Thanks to Margaret’s help, guidance, and teaching, I have been able to start seeing results in a way I did not think possible!  She has turned my diet around and guided me to make healthier food choices for both my mind and body.  Additionally, her support has been the most positive and helpful aspect of our work because she has provided a safe and non-judgmental environment to discuss any and every issue I encounter and struggle with.  As other reviewers have stated, Margaret takes the time to get to know you and what YOUR body needs, rather than a “one size fits all” approach to nutrition/diet/eating healthily. I strongly feel that when our work comes to an end, I will have learned tools that will be easily sustainable for the rest of my life. I feel so happy on the inside out and that is a completely priceless gift!  If you are struggling with nutrition in any way or just need guidance with your food choices, I highly recommend paying Margaret a visit!”

Jennifer Y.

“My health and weight had been up and down since I can remember. Margaret worked with me to analyze my past eating habits, my choices and how to go forward. I have been working with Margaret for about a year and have had a great experience! We have focused on being intentional and how to make better choices. My health and weight has dramatically improved and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs to focus on improving their diet and overall health.”

Adam S.

“I found Margaret 1.5 years ago when I was searching for some help with my nutrition. Margaret’s mission resonated with me as I strongly felt that I knew the “right” food choices but would continuously reach for the “wrong” food choices – I knew there was more to it than just “right and wrong”, and I wanted to understand/overcome the mental part of nutrition/health. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect with Margaret when first going in as I had never had any form of therapy in my life. To say that my experience with Margaret was life-changing is an understatement. I went in thinking I would get a little bit of help understanding why I make certain food choices over others (and ultimately why I was self sabotaging my own progress when it came to health). Not only did I gain that perspective, but even deeper perspective into decisions I make in pretty much every other area of my life. I learned so much about myself in a short amount of time. The growth I made as an individual is astounding to me still – I see this mostly in how I handle situations differently now. Margaret helped me uncover the roots of myself and she helped me establish the foundation I needed to really be my best self (which encompasses my nutrition and health, but still so much more). Margaret has a warmth about her that makes you want to open up with her. She is amazing at what she does and her clients are truly blessed to have her in their corner of life. Highly, highly recommend even just one session with Margaret – you will not regret investing the time in yourself.”

Richa N.