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Margaret is an inventive and impassioned speaker on the subjects of food, nourishment, mindfulness and well-being.  She is renowned for her original ideas around mainstream food and diet culture and her mission is to help people take radical responsibility for their own health and well-being.

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7 Pillars of Choice: Why You Make the Food Decisions You Make

The Food Choice Model is a pioneering approach to understanding our food and lifestyle choices.  We look at the 7 drivers for these decisions which are: our original environment, beliefs and identity, education, physiology, stress levels, emotions and food quality.  With this new awareness comes a new sense of empowerment and control over our health outcomes.

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Overcoming emotional eating and cravings

For many of us, food can be a brilliant coping mechanism to deal with stress, difficult emotions and even to procrastinate in the face of a challenging project or deadline. Learn the reasons why you are using food in this way and some practical strategies you can implement now for more mindful choices and ultimate freedom.

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Stress/metabolism connection: De-stress for weight loss

Did you know that stress is directly linked to our body’s ability to metabolize?  Chronic stress leads to reduced health and increased fat storage.  Learn the biological explanation for why we stress so much and how to begin to reduce stress, improve metabolism and be a healthier you.

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Mindfulness as the key to health and wellbeing

At the core of the mind-body connection, mindfulness techniques have been proven to help reduce stress, improve anxiety and depression, treat physical conditions such as heart disease and blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep and support overall well-being.  Come away with practical strategies for increasing mindfulness, peace and happiness. 

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Our values are the roadmap to our health

Our health is created by the decisions we make every day.  So where do those decisions come from?  And why does it seem easier for some people to master their health, while others of us struggle to implement basic routines and habits?  We’ll pull the curtain back on exactly why this is and how to change it now. 

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Did you know you have a relationship with food?

Our relationship with food is in many ways a reflection of our relationship with ourselves.  Are you aware of how you use food and why?  You will come away with an understanding of your current habits and create your own new food philosophy that supports your ideal health and wellness goals.

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Abundantly driven women:  You can choose success, family AND vibrant health

Career, partnership, business ownership, family, friendships, finances, social life, health…

Do you feel like you are struggling to do ALL the things?  If your needs are last on the list and your health and confidence is taking a beating… it’s time to stop.  We have arrived at a time in history where we CAN do all the things so we believe we have to.  We’ll come together to get more clarity on what’s really important to us and how to simplify and re-prioritize things so we can take steps to reclaim our inner and outer vibrance!

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