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Each curated course is packed with content and exercises all designed to cultivate real and lasting change.  With growth comes a little discomfort, but you can work through the material at your pace, from the comfort of your couch or local coffee shop.  You’ll receive instant access plus emails from Margaret to keep you inspired and on track.

Please note: The programs below are women’s programs.  My work with men is individual and customized.  If you are a man with weight goals, a desire for greater health or wanting to heal your relationship with food and body, please explore how I can best support you here.

my signature 12-week program

Authentic Nourishment™

It’s time to stop wasting time on diets. Join the hundreds of women who have successfully worked through this program to completely transform their relationship with food, overcome old food habits, establish daily rituals that truly serve them (in spite of busy schedules), learn to eat mindfully, create more presence & happiness in their lives and reach their body goals.

What’s Included

modules 1 & 2

welcome & intro

These modules will lay the foundation for your coursework and success in the program. Includes the Authentic Nourishment™ Roadmap, Creating Your Vision, and Defining Your Why.

modules 3 & 4

Food History &
Food Choice Model

These modules work together to help you uncover your personal history with food: why and how you use it, your beliefs about food, and how your family history has helped shape the way you both use and abuse food now.

modules 5-8

Connecting Your
Mind & Body

These modules include: Building Connection With Yourself & Your Body, Happiness & Values, Awareness & Emotional Eating, and Mindful Eating. Includes the Mindful Eating Worksheet and the Whole Body Eating Exercise.

Modules 9 -11 

Digestion & Weight 

These modules include: Stress Digestion & Weight, Good Foods & Bad Foods, Nutrition, Eating Rhythm, and Cooking Basics & Recipes. 

module 12

Self-Mastery &
Long Term Success 

This final module includes important information about how to create your own long-term plan for ongoing success, as well as details on self-mastery and continued support. 

Weekly Coaching Calls 

Join Margaret for personalized coaching in these private weekly group coaching sessions. 

Private Online Community 

Your online FB Group isn’t just a destination for live presentations and Q&A’s with Margaret — it’s a vibrant, active, supporting community of like-minded participants who can help encourage and strengthen you along your journey! 

Downloadable Journal (PDF) 

This beautiful downloadable, printable resource is the perfect companion for your authentic nourishment™ transformation! 


bite-sized pieces of Authentic Nourishment™ designed to help you make big changes in a small amount of time

Food History &
Food Choice

These modules work together to help you uncover your personal history with food: why and how you use it, your beliefs about food and your body, and how your family history has shaped the way you both use and abuse food now.  With new awareness comes the power to change old patterns.

Building Connection With Yourself & Your Body

Identify the limiting beliefs and typical negative language you say to yourself, develop a daily practice of overcoming limiting beliefs with expansive truth statements, and engage in meditations designed to empower and help you fall in love with your body.

Emotional Eating & Mindfulness

In this course, we do a deep dive to transform emotional eating.  Food can be an “effective” coping mechanism to soothe uncomfortable thoughts and feelings or to avoid and distract us from dreaded tasks or responsibilities.  Core Mindfulness Skills are an important tool in being able to slow down so we can notice and change unwanted eating patterns.  When we are fully present, we can make decisions that align with our higher goals.

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