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Margaret Schwenke

WHAT we eat vs. HOW we eat… stress, digestion & weight.

With all of our society's focus on WHAT we eat, and the numerous "PERFECT" diets out there, we assume that all we have to do to have the perfect health and body, is just eat THIS or THAT, but...

100% Plant-based Black Bean Brownies

One of my favorite things to do is to create healthier alternatives to traditional dessert recipes.  Food is the basis of all life and it is such a delight to think that it can be delicious AND serve our best health at the same time! 

Why Diets Don’t Work…

If you're a female on planet earth, you've thought about your body and its appearance.  Best case scenario, you feel happy and strong and confident in your own skin. 

Are you an emotional eater? And is that a bad thing?

Emotional eating is one of issues that my clients struggle with the most and to say that it is near and dear to my heart would be an understatement.

Abs of steel, infomercials… and your health coach for the day.

These are definitely the days of quick fixes and overnight success stories.  Whether we're talking about losing weight, achieving financial success, getting fit or designing the life we dreamed of...

5 Tips To Avoid Regret After Your Thanksgiving Meal

For many of us the Thanksgiving meal is the most welcomed meal of the year… and it’s also the meal that causes the most distress.

What are cravings and how can you overcome them?

Cravings.  I believe we've all had them, and most of us have no idea where they come from or what to do when they come up.