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I’m a Certified Eating Psychology Counselor and Certified Holistic Health Coach with education in Culinary Arts, Mind Body Nutrition, Dynamic Eating Psychology and Science of Willpower.

My own struggles with health and wellness created a desire in me to help people look deeper at life’s challenges, to find the why and then the how, and then to overcome. While I understand we can’t change the things that happen TO us, I’m living proof we can most certainly change how we choose to see those events and how we will move forward as a result.

I am deeply committed to helping you discover what uniquely nourishes all aspects of your life. My desire is to guide and support you on a conscious path back to your individual vibrant health.

Each of us has unique gifts and talents. There is NO ONE like you! Are you using your gifts? Do you live with peace and ease? Do you feel good in your body? What are your passions? These are the things I’d like to know… and I can’t wait to meet you!



My Story

Often, the best teacher, is experience. My own firsthand experience taught me how changes to diet and lifestyle can change absolutely everything… In April of 2008, some very scary symptoms took me into my doctor’s office… dizziness, exhaustion, blackouts, vision spots, digestive upset, and ultimately internal bleeding. After being referred to a specialist, I was given a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis. What in the world is ulcerative colitis? And what do I do now? The answer from the medical community was simple… “there is no known cause and no known cure…take these pills and your symptoms should go away”. Well, some of them did, but most of them didn’t. Additionally, the side effects from the medication were making me feel even worse than just the disease itself.

What I intuitively knew, was that there had to be a cause – and therefore there had to be a solution. For 2 years, I followed my instincts from one possible solution to the next. I was alone in an exhaustive search… countless hours of online research, diets excluding this and then that, multiple sessions and thousands of dollars in all kinds of different alternative therapies and different kinds of doctors – to no avail. I knew I wanted natural healing and I really believed I would have it… I was desperate and determined.

My search finally led me to a Naturopath who changed my life. By listening to me and to the symptoms my body was exhibiting, he helped me understand that the “dis-ease” in my body was a mirror of the “dis-ease” in my life. I was living a life that was not working for me… and my body was letting me know.

My symptoms were my body’s way of trying to get my attention. I had always considered myself a “healthy person”, but what I now understand looking back is that my previous relationship with life and with my body was driven by external expectations. I had a job I didn’t like, a relationship that wasn’t working and I strived to have the “perfect” body that mirrored all the images of perfection around me. Who was I doing all of this for?! Clearly – not me. I had all the things I thought I was supposed to have, but none of those things was feeding my soul. I was killing myself to live someone else’s idea of perfection and it hadn’t occurred to me I had a choice.

How did I get here? I had to accept that my choices had led me down a path away from my true authentic self – and it was time to retrace my steps. Over the next 2 years, I incorporated a whole food, therapeutic diet specifically designed for me. Yoga, walking and meditation became daily practice. Coming from someone who used to spend 7 days a week in the gym trying to reach that ever-dangling carrot – this was a challenging, yet refreshing approach!

 I got it. I was maxed out, in all the wrong directions, and my body needed time to heal, naturally. And it did. And with every purposeful healing step I took, I got more clarity on who I am, what I want out of life and what my purpose is. As a result, I recognized my true passion… the profound relationship of our choices to our health! Ironically, my disease had led me to a much deeper healing and I knew that I wanted to share my experience in order to help others.

So, I left my corporate VP job and sought out my culinary education from The Professional School of Natural Cookery and then my holistic coaching certification from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Through each of these unique institutions, I gained the tools to support what I had learned firsthand. I am now, quite literally, living my dream!

I see my symptoms and diagnosis as divine messages calling me back to the truth of who I am and what I am meant to be doing. I am here now. My health journey was the most challenging time in my life, yet has afforded me a vibrant, purposeful life that I never knew existed. I am so grateful to have been given this wake up call and can’t wait to support you in realizing your unique best health too!

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This in-depth 12 week program is designed to transform your relationship with food.  The powerful combination of content, coaching and community are proven elements to lifelong change. 

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Heal Your Relationship With Food

Don’t leave without my Top 6 Tips to Heal Your Relationship With Food (Even If You’ve Tried Everything). It’s got the secret sauce you need to finally make progress on your journey to healing.

After over a decade of working with women and men in my private practice on food and body issues, I can tell you our relationship with food is COMPLICATED!

But there are a few practical things that we can change RIGHT NOW that can interrupt the cycle of emotional eating to heal our relationship with food.