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5 Tips To Avoid Regret After Your Thanksgiving Meal

For many of us the Thanksgiving meal is the most welcomed meal of the year… and it’s also the meal that causes the most distress.  From chaotic family dynamics to high calorie food favorites, it’s no wonder we end up feeling guilty!  I’m sharing a few mindful steps to prevent post meal woes!

  1. Identify a deeper purpose for this gathering.  Connection?  Gratitude?  Choose something meaningful to focus on instead of simply the food.
  2. Decide what kind of eater you want to be and think through your choices before you arrive at your event.
  3. Eat well that holiday morning and you will be less likely to mindlessly snack or gorge yourself when the big meal arrives.
  4. Slow down.  It can take up to 20 minutes for our brain to recognize that our belly is full.   Give your body a chance to share its wisdom with you.  Also, proper digestion requires being in a relaxed state.
  5. Choose your foods mindfully and eat mindfully.  When we’re present, we have access to the choice and the experience that we will be most satisfied with afterwards.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and each other!  The Thanksgiving season is a time of year that reminds us to be present and grateful for all that we have.

Limitless love and gratitude!

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