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Work with me to heal your relationship with food, learn how to master your decisions, create the energy and health you desire. My goal is to support you in becoming totally confident in the choices that are right for YOU so you can achieve your highest version of self. 

Areas of Expertise

We see so much contradictory messaging about food and most of it is just telling us WHAT to eat. Eat this, not that.  These foods are good and those foods are bad.  And while it is important to look at the quality of the food we are eating… it’s not the only thing.  Have you ever looked at HOW you are using food?  And WHY?  Nutritional Psychology encourages us to look beneath the symptom or the behavior, at the whole individual, so we can uncover why you make the (often unconscious) decisions you make.  From that place of awareness, we can build better habits that are more aligned with your goals.

Weight Loss Coaching

It’s time for a new approach to weight loss… and maybe one that you haven’t considered.  Say goodbye to the restrictive diets and the inevitable cycle of gain, lose, gain.  Instead, I help my clients cultivate lasting change by making changes from the inside out.  You only need to trust that there is a different way that doesn’t require struggle!

Most of us weren’t taught how to use food and personal habits to create a healthy relationship with ourselves and our bodies.  It is not too late to create habits that are sustainable and lead to long lasting results.

This work requires that you are curious, honest about your struggles, open to receiving support and feedback and willing to change behaviors in your life. With this approach in place, you CAN have the relationship with food and body that you want.

Emotional Eating Counseling

Is this you? Even when you set out to eat “healthy” there are moments where there’s an emptiness inside you that shows back up and yearns to be filled, to be fed. It doesn’t even feel like a choice, and you feed the craving. Maybe you’ve started to notice that after giving in, you feel worse… guilty or ashamed and wishing you had more willpower. Maybe you’ve gained weight, maybe you don’t even recognize yourself anymore.

If this is you, you’re not alone and I know you CAN have freedom from this issue and a healthy relationship with food.

I will help you cultivate an understanding of why this is happening in your life and why you feel out of control. I will give you the tools to eat more mindfully and take back your eating decisions.

If you are done with the roller coaster and willing to commit to a deeper look at what might be going on, schedule an initial consultation with me or check out my Emotional Eating & Mindfulness mini-course. You deserve to have peace in this area of your life, and I would be honored to help you achieve it!

Nutrition Coaching

Around every corner and on every bookshelf is the next greatest diet or lifestyle theory, promising that it will do all kinds of miraculous things for ALL people. While it sounds promising, this promise is just not realistic. Each one of us is a unique individual with different genetics, family systems, preferences and goals and we thrive differently. Therefore, we each need to find the unique way of eating and living that best supports us. ​

There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition that works for everyone.

I will meet you where you are, listen to your goals, support you in removing obstacles and provide a nourishment plan to achieving YOUR most vibrant health.

How This Works

schedule your consultation

Select the time that works best for you for your virtual appointment with Margaret and then block your calendar. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the zoom link for that appointment. 

Meet with Margaret

During your initial consultation call we will explore your goals and challenges as I seek to understand you and what is holding you back. At the end of this call, I will propose the best course of action to propel you to your ideal outcome.

Let’s Do This

If we decide to work together, I will be your trusted guide and partner on an important journey to create the health and happiness you desire. An agreement is formed, as this work requires that you make a commitment of your time and effort. My goal is to support you in being the highest and best version of you. You will be grateful you made the investment in yourself!