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Stop Managing Symptoms

Build A Healthy Relationship With Food

If you’re struggling with weight, battling disordered or emotional eating, trying to create healthy goals and habits, or simply looking for guidance on how to enrich your life with more nourishing choices, you’re in the right place.

What if your hunger isn’t for food at all? And what if all of these symptoms are here to call you back to the truth of who you really are?

It’s time for real, lasting healing when it comes to your relationship with food.

My Approach

Nourishment comes not only in the form of the food we eat, but it encompasses ALL that sustains the development of our body, our mind and our spirit.  Every conscious and purposeful step we take toward our own authentic nourishment™ creates a new pattern that supports our vibrance, joy and very best health. It is so much more than eating to live; it is enriching, enlivening and enabling us to become our most vibrant self.
Our power comes from our ability to choose.

destination nourished – My Signature Program

Authentic Nourishment™

This in-depth 12 week program is designed to transform your relationship with food.  The powerful combination of content, coaching and community are proven elements to lifelong change. 

bite-sized solutions – Mini-Courses

bite-sized solutions

Start making rapid changes with these mini-courses you can complete in a weekend! Self-study courses that cover emotional eating, digestion, weight and more.

coaching - Work With Me 1:1


Individual and personalized coaching promotes change at the deepest level.  Schedule a consultation to explore individual work. 




5 Days to a Weight Loss Mindset (FREE)

Join Eating Psychology Counselor Margaret Schwenke, CEPC, CHHC as we create both the inner and outer habits to cultivate a new mindset with food and weight loss.  No more short term temporary quick fixes: we’re leaning into proven psychology to create the long term, sustainable results we want to see.

Each day you’ll receive one mindset shift and 3 suggested action steps you can start to implement to experience immediate progress.

Ditch the crash diets and hard core restrictive challenges so you can create long lasting habits fueled by more self awareness and intention…with ease!

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“My experience with Margaret has been nothing short of incredible.

margaret schwenke, CEPC, CHHC

Hi, I’m Margaret.

I’m passionate about helping you be the best version of yourself. My own struggles with health, disordered eating and body image issues created a desire in me to help people look deeper at life’s challenges, to find the why and then the how, and to overcome.

If your nutrition, relationship with food or body image is getting in the way of you sharing your brilliance with the world, I want to work with you.

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